All our third-year Bachelor students follow a compulsory course in pedagogical skills, in which they learn to teach on their own instrument. For this course we need so called pedagogical pupils. These pupils – both beginners and advanced, both children and adults– will receive a weekly instrumental/vocal lesson by one of our students for a period of 15 weeks. The average length of each lesson is 45 minutes. Lessons take place in the Royal Conservatoire. The student’s methodology teacher monitors the progress of the lessons and will occasionally visit a lesson. The time and day of the lesson will be determined by agreement with the student.

The pedagogic lessons take place from September 2024 until January 2025.


The pupil must bring an instrument themselves, which can be bought or rented. Please note that the Conservatoire does not rent or sell instruments. We recommend that you find out if you can arrange an instrument before applying.

To be able to follow the lessons, the pupil must reserve time for study every day. In order to maintain the methodical structure of the lessons and to ensure that the course progresses smoothly for both student and pupil, weekly attendance of the lessons is also necessary.

It is possible that students make video-recordings of (parts of) the lessons. In that case we will ask you to give consent for making recordings of the lessons.


You can apply for pedagogical classes for 2024/2025 using the application form below until the end of May 2024. You will be notified by email in early July whether or not you will be placed as a pedagogical student by September. If you are not placed, we can put your name on the waiting list.

The teacher and student together decide which profile of the pupils best suits the students' learning needs. Some students like to start with teaching a beginner while others may prefer to teach someone experienced.

For some instruments, supply exceeds demand and placement is not always possible. This applies, for example, to piano, voice, violin, cello. On the application form, you will see which instruments require pedagogical students. We kindly ask you to fill in a second choice in addition to a first one.

For some instruments, the enrollment procedure includes an ‘aptitude test’. This will be decided in consultation with you. We do not accept any candidates who already receive lessons in the same instrument from another teacher.


The course is free of charge, but the pedagogic pupil must buy or rent his or her own instrument. The Conservatoire does not sell or rent instruments!

See the conditions here.


For information or questions, please contact Lucienne de Roos, coordinator internships and cooperation:


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