Young KC Percussion
Percussion is one of the most versatile disciplines within Young KC. A considerable body of music has been written for percussion and there are many instruments to play. At Young KC Percussion we ensure that you learn to play as many percussive instruments as possible, at a high level. The basis of the study consists of snare drum, marimba and timpani, supplemented by many other instruments.

As a modern percussionist you must be versatile and master various styles. Our students therefore have weekly drum lessons, supplemented with various Masterclasses every year, from specialists on specific instruments, such as hand percussion and African percussion. The teachers work closely together, and the students receive intensive lessons from all the teachers involved. Read more about the teachers at the bottom of this page.

Young KC Percussion is a flourishing department where cooperation and a good mutual atmosphere is important. The department gives concerts inside and outside the Royal Conservatoire, attends masterclasses and concerts in the Netherlands and sometimes abroad, and students take part in various high-regarded music and percussion competitions.

Our former students are currently studying at various conservatories in the Netherlands and abroad, or have a seat in professional orchestras and/or ensembles. As a Young KC Percussion student at the School for Young Talent, you will follow (amongst others) these courses: Percussion lessons (both untuned (e.g. snare drum) and tuned (e.g. marimba), drum lessons and the percussion-ensemble.

Playing together
At Young KC Percussion we pay a lot of attention to playing together, as it is a vital part of making music and very fun and inspiring at the same time. Every week you take part in the percussion ensemble lessons, in which you learn to play together with other percussion students and get to learn a lot of new repertoire.

In addition, percussionists are assigned to the chamber music programme, the Atheneum Chamber Orchestra and the Atheneum Blazers Consort and they learn all the skills necessary in playing together with the other students of Young KC.

Preparation for admission to a conservatoire
The level of students applying at conservatoires across the world is steadily increasing. Together with the teachers, you work towards the level of successfully applying to a conservatoire. All Young KC students are assessed on their progress twice a year. The students prepare a program together with the teachers and present it to a specialized committee in November and April.

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Percussion Day
On Sunday, 31.10.2021, the Royal Conservatoire is organising a percussion day in The Hague. Everyone between the ages of 8 and 18 is welcome to join us. Register via this link.