Practicum Musicae is only available to full-time students at Leiden University. It is not possible to combine PM with a bachelor's or master's program at another university.

Application deadline
Interested students can register from December on via the ‘apply’ button on this website. Applications for September must be received before March 1, after which the registration link will be closed, and application is no longer possible.

Part of the application is the submission of a motivation-letter and 3 audition videos.

The committee would like to see a motivation letter. You will have to upload this letter in ‘Osiris’ (the Royal Conservatoire's enrollment system).
You can use this format.

Audition videos
Please submit three video recordings in your application. These do not have to be professional recordings, videos recorded with your phone or laptop are allowed. The most important thing is, that the committee can hear and see that you master your instrument and that you are musically adept.

Make sure that the video shows your upper body (and hands) and that the acoustics are normal (no churches, or bathrooms).

Please announce yourself in your video and announce that you are auditioning for Practicum Musicae. This way you can be sure that the committee considers your audition for PM and not for the regular Bachelor.

Upload your videos to youtube or vimeo and use the links in the application documents.

You have to record three pieces in different styles. They all have to be solo pieces (or solo with orchestra/piano/combo). The jury would like to see a complete picture of you as a musician so preferably recordings with (piano) accompaniment.

  • For classical instruments: two pieces and one etude, preferably from different stylistic periods.
  • For classical singers: three pieces in different styles and different languages.
  • For jazz (and jazz-singers): two standards with different feel, and one 'Carte Blanche' (your favorite song, regardless of style.)
  • For composition: three pieces (audio and sheetmusic), you do not have to submit videos of you playing an instrument.
  • For sonology: submit your portfolio and your motivation + CV. You do not have to submit any videos.

Live audition
All departments work with an initial selection based on the audition videos, but the different departments have the freedom to organize their further admission procedure themselves. This means that the selection procedures may differ from one another.

The final selection may be based on the initial audition videos only, without a second live (video) audition round.

If the department organizes a second round, a selection of candidates will be invited for a live (video) audition in April. Here you can perform the same pieces as on your audition videos, but you do not have to.

Classical singers may be asked to memorize a simple poem.

Composers will have a conversation with the head of the Composition department, instead of an audition.

Sonology applicants that are selected for the second round will receive a written assignment and an invitation for an online conversation with the admissions committee.

We advise you to decide upon your repertoire with your teacher. You can look at the bachelor-equivalent entry requirements on this website for repertoire-suggestions. For PM you can look at the easiest repertoire or choose pieces with a slightly lower level.

Choose pieces that you can master fully and that show all your assets.

The committee would like you to show that you can be on bachelor-entrance level within three years. You have to show this potential in your audition videos. Some PM-applicants already perform above this level. In any case the committee decides whether you are admitted or not. This can be a disappointment, but please keep in mind that you can always try again next year.

Quotum and waiting list
Since PM is very popular, there is a quota. A maximum of 76 students can study in the whole Practicum Musicae program, which means there is room for +- 30 new students every academic year. In recent years we consistently receive more applications than the number of places available in the PM program. Only the best applicants will be accepted.

If your audition got a high mark from the jury but you did not get in due to the limited places available, we will put you on our waiting list. If a PM place opens before the academic year starts, we will contact a candidate on the waiting list. The waiting list will not continue after the start of the academic year.

All applicants are welcome to apply again from December on for the next academic year.

PM is free of charge. It is a unique talent development program offered by Leiden University in collaboration with the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague. The PM program allows multi-talented university students to develop musically on a high level, next to their academic studies.

Practicum Musicae is only available to full-time students of Leiden University. It is not possible to combine PM with a second bachelor's or master's program at another university. Enrollment in Leiden and obtaining credits in said study will be checked. If it appears that a student is taking PM education without meeting the registration requirements, the program will be discontinued. We reserve the right to charge the student for the education received.