Practicum Musicae is a course for students of Leiden University with musical aspirations. They can choose to take part of their electives at the Royal Conservatoire and so follow a professional music course alongside their academic education.

As a participant in the Practicum Musicae program you will have a 50-minute lesson in your main subject with one of our teachers every week, a weekly 100-minute lesson in Elementary Music Theory, and an ensemble lesson with a coach pianist, a duo class or a (jazz)combo every fortnight. During the course you will learn to play music to a very high standard. You will gain stage experience from the Practicum Musicae student concerts that we organise in the Lokhorst church in Leiden every month, and the bi-annual concert in the hall of the Royal Conservatoire. The Practicum Musicae program lasts three years, but it is possible to apply for only one or two years.

The entry level for the Practicum Musicae program is roughly the same as for students entering the preparatory class.

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