Research Cluster ‘Curating Music’

The concert hall is by far not the only place anymore where educated musicians can share their music with the audience. Musicians work in neighbourhood projects, schools, hospitals, in the public and virtual space. This asks for a reconsideration of the skills that contemporary musicians need and a critical examination of the discourse that grounds our musical and artistic values. Even in traditional music venues, the public is becoming increasingly diverse and often no longer shares a common cultural repertoire. This poses a challenge to the way early, classical or contemporary repertoire is contextualised, presented and performed. The research cluster ‘Curating Music’ investigates how musicians can interact with today’s audiences and how they can engage with the world from their own artistic identity.


Heloisa Amaral is a curator and performer (piano, historical keyboards, conducting). As someone who is interested in rethinking musical performance and the concert situation with regards to context and space, Heloisa is currently finishing an artistic-research PhD on the subject at the University of Leiden – Academy of Creative and Performing Arts.

Ilona Sie Dhian Ho is professor of violin at the Royal Conservatoire. She is also a member of the artistic board of Dutch Violin Competitions. In 2013, she started the research project Music Around the Corner, in which she develops a structure for offering classical music in a district in which this music is seldom performed. With music students, who are prepared in an education programme, she formed a ‘district orchestra’. This orchestra collaborates with local partners to create tailored performances, based on the present day agenda. Her aim is now to analyze and understand the successful presentation techniques she has used.