Research Cluster 'Making in Music'

The research cluster ‘Making in Music’ investigates how music and sounding art come about and what drives music makers and sound artists today. Special attention goes to research that crosses the traditional barriers between composition, improvisation and performance. In addition to supporting individual research projects, the research group will look for new insights and common grounds that can be implemented in the curricula of various departments within the conservatoire.


Richard Barrettis internationally active as a composer and performer, and also teaches at the Institute of Sonology in The Hague and at the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts at Leiden University. His work encompasses a range from free improvisation to intricately-notated scores, and from acoustic chamber music to innovative uses of digital technology. His book Music of Possibility was published by Vision Edition in 2019. After completing his recent research project ‘A Year in the Life of the Sonology Electroacoustic Ensemble’, he is currently interested in comparing improvisation in various artistic disciplines.

Darien Brito is a sound artist, multimedia programmer, and audiovisual performer. He holds a BA from the Royal Conservatoire and an MA from the Institute of Sonology. As a composer and sound artist, Darien has created works for many different formats; from instrumental music and electronics to music for theatre, film, contemporary dance and installations. As an audiovisual artist, he focusses on the creation of generative live performances using audio, real-time computer graphics and light. He also works as a programmer and consultant for other artists and is often involved in multidisciplinary collaborations using technology. His current research focusses on the implementation of ‘Project II’.

Bjarni Gunnarsson is a composer and computer scientist concerned with computer music and process-based sound. He has released his music on labels such as Vertical Form, 3LEAVES, Granny or Tartaruga Records and performed his music in festivals such as Tectonics, Rewire, Today's Art, Presences Electroniques and Sonar. Collections of his recent solo works can be found on the releases ‘Paths’ (2016) and ‘Lueur’ (2018). Bjarni is a faculty member at the Institute of Sonology of the Royal Conservatoire and currently a teacher of algorithmic composition and computer music. His current research focusses on the implementation of ‘Project II’.

Karst de Jong studied Classical Piano and Music Theory in The Netherlands. As a former teacher of Music Theory at the Conservatory of Amsterdam, he is now dividing his activities between the Royal Conservatoire, the ESMUC in Barcelona and the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory in Singapore, teaching music theory, improvisation and composition techniques. Active as a performer, music theorist, improviser, teacher and researcher, he focuses on the integration of improvisation in the classical musician's curriculum. He is currently involved in a collaborative research project with mathematical music theorist Tomas Noll on harmonic structures in tonal music.

Johan van Kreij is a sonologist. His practice covers the fields of composing, improvising, making and executing in the field of electronic music. He received his training at the Institute of Sonology, part of the Royal Conservatoire, graduating in 1998. At the same conservatory he acquired his master’s degree in Composition in 2017. In recent years, Johan is actively involved in artistic research. His own research into the works of composer Dick Raaijmakers produced an extensive outcome in the form of compositions, written documentation and software. Currently he is researching distance and communication in improvisation.