At The Hague’s prestigious Royal Conservatoire, students build the foundation for an international career in music or dance. Outstanding faculty and internationally appealing projects ensure that these emerging talents are offered a top-tier education and are groomed for an international professional practice. The Royal Conservatoire has a support fund to help realize these ambitions: Fonds Koninklijk Conservatorium.

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Fonds Koninklijk Conservatorium

The Fonds Koninklijk Conservatorium (Fonds KC) is dedicated to nurturing young artistic talent. We achieve this by financing unique educational initiatives, offering scholarships and loans, distributing awards, and ensuring the acquisition and upkeep of instruments at the Royal Conservatoire.

Fonds KC is the result of the merger of the Royal Conservatoire’s support foundations Fund for Excellence, Instrument Fund, and Friends of the Royal Conservatoire. Operational since 2024, Fonds KC is recognized as an ANBI foundation by the Dutch Tax Authority and is awaiting ‘Recognised Charity’ status from the CBF.

An independent entity with strong ties to the Royal Conservatoire, Fonds KC ensures all resources directly benefit its students. Our board, adhering to the University of the Arts The Hague’s integrity and conduct codes, consists of:

Henk van der Zwan, Chairman

Annelie Kohl, Secretary

Josip Petrarca, Treasurer

Hoie Lien The, Board member

Board members volunteer their time without compensation.

Get involved

Interested in supporting the next wave of musicians and dancers? Reach out to Christine Philips and Jaurana Verschuren (Fundraising & Partnerships) for more information on how you can contribute to Fonds KC at or or call +31 (0)70 315 1440.

Fonds Koninklijk Conservatorium
Spuiplein 150, 2511 DG Den Haag
Postal adres: Turfhaven 7. 2511 DK Den Haag
RSIN number: 865736133

Documents Fonds KC


Policy Plan

main and ancillary positions on the board

The foundation is operational as of June 2024, The first report on activities carried out will therefore be available in 2025. The 2023 annual reports of the Fund for Excellence, the Instrument Fund and Friends of the Royal Conservatoire can be viewed here.