The Royal Conservatoire in your will

The Royal Conservatoire has a dear place in my heart.”

Music has given us so much pleasure in our lives. If we can give those passionate young musicians a helping hand: then all is well “

More and more people are choosing to bequeath to charity. By including the Royal Conservatoire in your will, you make scholarships possible for top talents whose talent and drive inspire and challenge others to rise above themselves. You contribute to collaborations with the best orchestras, dance companies and fellow conservatoires here in the Netherlands and around the world. Or would you rather help with the purchase of a musical instrument or other materials? That is also possible!

Are you considering (continuing) to support the young musicians and dancers of the Royal Conservatoire? This can be done in many ways, with a large or small donation, because every support is welcome. If you wish, we will be happy to work with you to find a beautiful destination for your legacy.

You can contact Christine Philips for more information

via 06-163 164 45


For general information on gifting and bequeathing, visit: