Bjarni Gunnarsson

Teacher Sonology: Algorithmic Composition

Bjarni Gunnarsson (*1980) is an Icelandic  composer / sound artist who has released numerous LPs, EPs, compilation tracks and reworks on labels such as Vertical Form, Thule, Uni:form, Spezial Material, Trachanik, Lamadameaveclechien, Shipwrec and 3LEAVES.

He is concerned with process-based ideas, with sounds focusing on internal activity and motion, with compositions that bring behaviours, actions, fluid sound structures, fuzzy materials or forms into the foreground.

Bjarni Gunnarsson studied at CCMIX in Paris with Gerard Pape, Trevor Wishart, Agostino Di Scipio and Curtis Roads and has recently completed a Master’s degree at the Institute of Sonology. He is currently working with algorithmic composition, generative environments and live electronics. He is also working on new material with his long-lasting electronic music duo Einóma, and for MGBG, a duo of voice and electronics with singer Marie Guilleray.