Elleke Bijsterveld

BMO-lessen en coördinator PI

My passion lies in music education for pre-school children - the smallest. After graduating in School Music at the conservatoire in Maastricht, I have taught many levels: primary school, specual education, secondary school, teacher training, and the conservatoire course in Music Education. I keep returning to what I enjoy most: teaching children and guiding them in thier first steps into the world of music.

At PI: music for pre-school children, we have developed a way of teaching that suits me like a glove. It is my task to teach broad Musical Development, including singing, moving, clapping, jumping - making music at the same level as the children, focused on quality and team spirit. I try to let children develop that what they already have and to let it bloom. This is something that I do in my other profession as well: as a childrens and youth therapist, I lead children and parents to regain the right track in order to develop as well as posible. In my practice, making music is as important as drawing, playing games and taking part in other activities.

For more information about me: www.ellekebijsterveld.nl