Gerda van Zelm

Main subject teacher Vocal Studies Classical Music

Gerda van Zelm is a singer and voice teacher. Since more than two decades she works at the Royal Conservatoire where she teaches voice in classical singing in all styles from baroque to contemporary and in all classical genres like Art Song, opera, oratorio, ensemble- and concert singing.

Students that graduated with her are Elise Caluwaerts, Caroline Cartens, Berend Eijkhout, Eva Kroon, Dovlet Nurgeldyev, Aylin Sezer, Anna Trombetta, Leonie van Veen, Marike Verbeek and many, many others. During her teaching career she has always had an interest in learning more about learning processes, how artistry develops and the development of vocal technique. Her teaching can be characterized by the following key words: student centred teaching, students’ ownership in learning, finding your own artistic voice, quality practice.

Gerda performed master classes in voice in Ningbo (China, 2013), Mosset, (France, 2014) and Ede (Akoesticum, The Netherlands, 2015) and Vilnius (Lithuania, 2015) and duo-teaching classes in Riga (Latvia) and Vilnius both in 2014 and 2015. Gerda is a member of the creative directors team of ICON (Innovative Conservatoire). She was a facilitator of ICON seminars in Vilnius (Lithuania, 2011) and Brisbane (Australia, 2015) and workshops in Graz (Critical Response, 2016, and Inter-vision, 2017) and Vienna (teacher training (2016, 2017, 2018) and Lübeck (with Susan Williams, on Quality Practice, 2017).