Luc Nijs

Teacher Music Education

Dr. Luc Nijs is postdoctoral researcher at IPEM, University of Gent (BE) and guest lecturer in Music Educational Technology at the Royal Conservatory The Hague (NL) and Luca School of Arts Leuven (BE). He holds a PhD in Arts Sciences (Systematic Musicology), MA degrees in Music Performance (clarinet) and Philosophy, and a Teacher Certificate (clarinet, sax, ensemble playing). His research integrates theory development, empirical studies and practice, focusing on the musician ‐ instrument relationship, on the role of body movement in the instrumental learning processes and on the role of technology in provoking an embodied approach to instrumental music education. His work with the Music Paint Machine was awarded the EAPRIL Best Research and Practice Project Award 2012. He is a regular invited speaker on music educational seminars and member of the advisory board of the Flemish Ministry of Education.

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