Paul Scheepers

Main subject teacher Theory of Music

After his high school education he studied piano (State exam in 1976), musicology (Utrecht; graduated in 1983) and music theory (Royal Conservatoire in The Hague; graduated in 1982). Since 1983 he has taught music theory (major and minor) at the conservatories of The Hague and Amsterdam. He was also teacher music theory at the Institute for Musicology in Utrecht for more than ten years and now gives analysis courses at the Dutch String Quartet Academy.

The analysis technique of Heinrich Schenker and his followers may be his most important music theory / music specialty. In his role as a conservatory teacher, he has a strong interest in the relationship between analysis and performance practice, "Music Theory serves the musician" can be regarded as his credo.

This has led to chamber music projects both in Amsterdam and The Hague in which a principal study teacher and a music theory teacher coach an ensemble in close relationship, a promising form of cross-pollination between music theory and practice which is regarded as an extremely fruitful experience by students and teachers alike.