• Research our partner institutions (only!) to find out where you can go. Tip: pre-select three and check their study offer in detail. Make a table with the subjects you'd like to study there and compare them with those replace at the KC in that same period.
  • Make an orientation appointment with the International Relations Coordinator.
  • Make an appointment with the Head/Coordinator of your department to discuss your study plan in detail. Their approval regarding your study plan abroad is compulsory for credit recognition upon return!
  • To apply for an Erasmus+ study mobility, you must have successfully completed your first year (60 ECTS) at the KC upon its start.
  • There are various scholarships you can apply for. For partner institutions within the EU you can apply for Erasmus+. For partner institutions outside the EU you can apply, e.g., for the Holland Scholarship.

KC Application deadline for outgoing students is 31st of March

You can apply for a Full Year (FY), only the Winter Semester (WS) or only the Summer Semester (SS).

Please start planning in advance! There are several deadlines to take into account: application deadlines of the KC, which can be different from those of the partner universities; visa application or even IND (de)registrations.

All students are required to have the study abroad application procedure completed up-until 5 weeks prior to departure.

If you fail to comply with these deadlines, your exchange can be cancelled.

Make an appointment (see contact box) with the International Relations Coordinator. Together you will check the necessary application documents you must submit to the partner institution, deadlines, the various requirements and benefits applicable to your specific situation, and you'll discuss possible scholarships to apply for.

The application procedure to study abroad may vary depending on the host university, but in general you will be requested to submit:

  • Student Application (via EASY if applicable)
  • Learning Agreement (via EASY if applicable) - use the KC curriculum as a guideline and use subject names & codes of the host university curriculum to fill in the document.
  • Transcript of Records, preferably in English (download from OSIRIS)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Recording of around 20 minutes; For composition candidates: three (or four) scores, incl. sound recordings.

In some cases you need to submit the above via email to the IRC for nomination. During the meeting you'll agree on this as well.

KC Application deadline for outgoing students is 31st of March

You will receive a response from your host university between May and June.

If you are accepted:

  • Upon an approved Learning Agreement, the International Relations Coordinator will prepare a Grant Agreement. For the Grant Agreement to be valid, you must arrange for an health insurance valid abroad and at your own costs! Accident and liability insurances are not compulsory for studies.
  • The Royal Conservatoire is responsible for the attribution and payment of the Erasmus+ Grant, given that you comply with all requirements. The payment is done in two installments: 70% of the total at the beginning and 30% after submitting all the mandatory documents
  • You have to take an online language test (Erasmus+ only)

During your study abroad please keep in mind:

  • Always read all information and correspondence of your host university
  • Check for compulsory events you must attend to
  • Check for changes on the curriculum or schedule overlaps: You may need to change your initially approved study plan (Learning Agreement). If so, please contact your department coordinator at the KC immediately! You need an official approval for all the changes on the "During Mobility" section of the Learning Agreement, with new signatures of all parties (via EASY if applicable). In some cases an email may suffice, but a list of the previously approved subjects and the new one must be included! This is compulsory to guarantee your grades recognition and to prevent a study delay.

Before you return, please remember to:

  • Collect signature of the International Office of the host university on your Learning Agreement (“After the Mobility” section) at the end of your stay (via EASY if applicable).
  • Request your Transcript of Records at your host university. Check this before leaving! Without a transcript your grade recognition cannot be processed.
  • Deregister from the municipality, close a bank account, and/or others, if needed. Check with your host university what are the host country's required legal steps to take in your situation.

When you are back at KC:

  • Check with the coordinator of your department and with ESC whether your Transcript of Records was received in good order and if it reflects all the approved changes, when applicable.
  • For Erasmus+: Complete the compulsory OLS test and EU Participant Report (the link for this one will be sent to your emailbox by EU - make sure you check your spam box!). Then submit these and a copy of Transcript of Records / 3rd part of Learning Agreement signed by all parties, to the International Relations Coordinator (see contact details below). These are mandatory to process the second instalment of your scholarship.
  • Please share your experience with future exchange students! We collect your pictures and stories for our website.

Contact Information for Outgoing Students

International Relations Coordinator​​​

Elsa Ferreira

Meetings by appointment only
To make an appointment, please select a day and time slot from the available ones here below, and select "Appointment Elsa Ferreira". Meeting confirmation, calendar invitation and location will be sent to you via email directly by the International Relations Coordinator - the automatic email is not the confirmation. By default appointments will be online.