You can do a traineeship abroad with Erasmus+ during your studies or on the year immediately after your gradutation. A partnership with the Royal Conservatoire is not required for this, and if you do an internship during your studies, you are also awarded ECTS. Grants are limited, so it is important to apply early on! Please read the conditions on the Erasmus+ site.

  • Look for orchestras, ensembles, theatres, institutions etc. who may need a trainee, and make a pre-selection. Think of applying for existing vacancies or of sending open candidatures.
  • Contact your main subject teacher to ask for tips and contacts and meet the Head/Coordinator of your Department to assess which type of traineeship suits your study path the best.
  • To apply for an Erasmus+ traineeship, you must have successfully completed your first year (60 ECTS) at the KC upon its start.

Application deadline for traineeships abroad during your studies:
31st of March (one academic year in advance)

Application deadline for traineeships abroad after graduation:
31st of March (during your last academic year)

You can apply for a Full Year (FY), Winter Semester (WS) or Summer Semester (SS).

Please start planning in advance! There are several deadlines to take into account: application deadlines of the KC, deadlines of the vacancy, visa application or IND (de)registrations:

Non-Eu students are required to have the application procedure completed up-until 5 weeks prior to departure.
EU students need to have all the application procedure completed up-until 3 weeks prior to departure.

If you fail to comply with these deadlines, your traineeship exchange will be cancelled.

Good to know:

· The Erasmus+ scholarship amount depends on the length of the traineeship and on the destination country. Students with financial support from their home country can continue using it during their study period abroad.

For traineeships after graduation, you have to apply before you finish your last study year at the KC, and depart during the year immediately after graduating.

  • Make an appointment with the International Relations Coordinator (see contact box).
  • Make appointment with the coordinator of your department to discuss your study plan (Learning Agreement - LA). This document must be approved and signed by your department and by the host organisation before departure. This is compulsory to receive the complete scholarship amount, and also when credit recognition applies.
  • Apply to host organisation.

If you are accepted and awarded an Erasmus+ scholarship, the International Relations Coordinator will prepare your Grant Agreement. For the Grant Agreement to be valid, you must arrange for health, accident and liability insurances valid abroad at your own costs!
The Royal Conservatoire is responsible for the attribution and payment of the Erasmus+ scholarship, given that you comply with all requirements. The payment is done in two installments: 70% of the total at the beginning and 30% after submitting all the mandatory documents.

The activities and goals of a traineeship depend entirely on your specific situation and on the agreements made with your Head of Department / Coordinator. You may need to work on a specific project to get credits, or not. In any case, keep in mind that you are acquiring experience in the field as a professional, developing your entrepreneurial skills, and expanding your network, which are invaluable.

Before you return, please keep in mind:

  • Collect the signature of your supervisor at the host organisation on your Learning Agreement (“After the Mobility” section) at the end of your stay. This confirms you were their trainee until the end date initially submitted on your approved Learning Agreement.
  • Request final evaluation and Transcript of Records (when applicable).
  • You may need to deregister from the municipality, close a bank account, and/or others. Check with your host organisation what are the requirements of the host country in these situations.

When you finish make sure that:

  • If you are coming back to KC, and if credits are applicable, check with ESC if everything was received in good order, or submit them.
  • Submit the compulsory EU Participant Report (you will receive via email). Make sure you check your spam box! Without this, the International Relations Coordinator, cannot arrange the remaining of your scholarship payment.
  • Please share your experience with future exchange students! We collect your pictures and stories for our website.

Contact Information for Outgoing Students

International Relations Coordinator

Elsa Ferreira

Meetings by appointment only
To make an appointment, please select a day and time slot from the available ones here below, and select "Appointment Elsa Ferreira". Meeting confirmation, calendar invitation and location will be sent to you via email directly by the International Relations Coordinator - the automatic email is not the confirmation. By default appointments will be online.