Dear Graduates,

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you personally and whole heartedly with the passing of your final exam and the diploma you have obtained with it.

The way your graduation has taken place has been an experience that none of us could have envisioned only less than half a year ago. We would like to express our admiration for the flexibility and the strength you have shown. What connects all of us at the Royal Conservatoire is our deep love for music and dance and the conviction to give its practice all we can.

We wish you everything imaginable (and unimaginable) to help you with a rewarding onward journey. Let us stay in touch to help each other (you, the KC and its future students) in creating a healthy, interesting and bright future for music in our society, in whatever shape that society may find itself.

Henk van der Meulen
Principal Royal Conservatoire

Class of 2020 Ceremony - Live stream

The 'class of 2020' ceremonies are being streamed as well. Find the links on our Youtube channel, or here directly:

Early Music - Mondag 29th june, 19.00 pm

Jazz - Tuesday 30th of june, 11.00 am

Vocal - Wednesday 1 July, 1.15 pm

Docent Muziek - Thursday 2 July, 1.15 pm

Classical - Tuesday 7 July, 09.45 am / 11.30 am / 13.30 pm / 15.15 pm

Art of Sound - Friday 10 July, 19.00 pm

Educatie / Kodály / Theory - Tuesday 14 July, 09.30 am


Below a selection of photos taken during the 'Class of 2020 Ceremonies'. Please join the Alumni community of the Royal Conservatoire to find all images in high resolution for you to download, or get in contact with our Alumni office.