Art of Sound

By combining training as a technician with a musical education, with our Art of Sound programme you will become the essential ‘sound director’ for musical recordings and performances.


The ArtScience Interfaculty is a unique interdisciplinary art programme between the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK) and the Royal Conservatoire (KC), that fosters curiosity-driven research as an approach to the creation of art.

Classical Music

At the heart of today’s music culture, the Classical Music Department challenges you to develop your own creative vision and talent.


Many graduates of the Composition Department programme in The Hague have achieved worldwide fame, with their work being performed by prestigious ensembles at the leading opera houses, music festivals and venues all around the world.


Conducting is a complex discipline that demands a good artistic development since you will sometimes be conducting large groups of musicians. Meet our Conducting Department.


To reach the pinnacle of dancing with one of the major national or international dance companies, you have to start training by the age of ten. The Dance Department trains talented dancers for a future career as creative and independent artists, with an open mind, craftsmanship, passion and ambition.

Early Music

The Early Music Department of the Royal Conservatoire enjoys a worldwide reputation as one of the largest and most important faculties of its kind.


Our graduates are often recognized for musical skills and artistry and have achieved success in various professional fields such as recording, performing, composing, arranging and producing. We believe in honoring tradition as well as in promoting innovation and individual paths in jazz and other jazz-related creative music. Read more about the Jazz Department.

Music Education

The Dutch 'Docent Muziek study program is one of the broadest study programs at the Royal Conservatoire. The training is ideal for anyone who enjoys working with groups and has an affinity with education. After your bachelor you can choose the master "Instrumental and Vocal Learning & Teaching" or the master Music Education Kodály. Read more.

Music Theory

Every discipline has its experts, the scholars who are turned to for a clear explanation and interpretation when things are really complex. Music is no different. Our experts acquire their expertise in the Theory of Music (or Music Theory) programme.

New Audiences and Innovative Practice

The Master NAIP is a programme designed for enterprising musicians who want to reach new audiences with excellent music through experimentation and research. During the programme you prepare for a future musical career by developing a striking portfolio.

Practicum Musicae

Practicum Musicae is a course for students of Leiden University with musical aspirations. They can choose to take all their minors at the Royal Conservatoire and so follow a professional music course alongside their academic education.


The world is changing and the demands being made on musicians and music students are growing all the time. They are not only expected to deliver excellent artistic products, they must also be capable of reflecting and innovating. In addition to education and production, therefore, the third pillar of the Royal Conservatoire’s activities is research. More information on Research and the Lectorates.

Institute of Sonology

The Institute of Sonology at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague has a 50-year tradition of education, research and production in the fields of electroacoustic music, computer music and sound art.

Vocal Studies

Students in the Vocal Studies Department are trained to become flexible and creative professionals with excellent communication skills as well as exciting artists whose thorough technical and musical grounding will enable them to give convincing performances on a variety of professional stages.