Meet the next Generation: Our School voor Jong Talent(s)

In preparation for Classical Encounters, we spoke to Adinda, Christiaan (both 11) and Matthijs (14) about preparing for their first online concert. They are three of the many Royal Conservatoire’s contributors of this year’s online edition of The Hague’s annual chamber music festival hosted by alumna and now teacher of the Royal Conservatoire, Eva Stegeman. All three, regardless of their young ages, are quite experienced and accomplished musicians winning prestigious competitions and performing regularly on national TV.

Adinda and Matthijs have the big advantage of being siblings: They always have a duo-partner at home to play with. Matthijs plays the guitar and his little sister plays the violin. Both are string instruments, but very different ones. While a guitarist benefits from longer fingernails for better fingerpicking and sound, a violinist always has to keep the nails very short in order to ensure a full sound and precise finger setting on the string. Besides their music, the two talented siblings enjoy reading books, writing their own stories and playing with their cute dog Sparky (which you also hear enthusiastically bark in the background) in their garden.

For them, and Christiaan as well, their instrument was love at first sight and they are not thinking of changing it. Christiaan plays the recorder, which is often considered a beginner’s instrument from which kids later switch to other wind instruments such as the clarinet or the saxophone. But not for Christiaan. When he talks about his flute collection, his eyes spark and why should he switch? He already plays the nicest instrument in the whole world! For Classical Encounters, he will bring four instruments for the four pieces he is performing starting with a Sopranino end ending on a tenor recorder.

So how will it be to play in an empty church in The Hague on Sunday after months of staying home in self-isolation? All three are excited to get out of the house and do what they love most: to play music. But due to the Corona crisis, there won’t even be a possibility to rehearse beforehand. No problem for Christiaan, he will do his warm-up in his mum’s car!

We are looking forward to an amazing concert on Sunday, live from the Lourdeskerk. Head over to to see interviews with our young stars and follow the live stream on Sunday! Adinda, Christaan and Matthijs are taking us Backstage during their preparations and the concert. Keep an eye on our insta stories, so you don’t miss any updates.

Below you can find the livestream of Classical Encounters.
Adinda van Delft and Matthijs van Delft: 3u 44m
Christiaan Blom: 4u 44m
Jala Heywood: 5u 55m

Photo: Christiaan

Photo: Jala

Photo: Matthijs & Adinda