New members Supervisory Board of the University of the Arts

30 mei 2023

After an extensive procedure, supported by Chasse Executive Search, two new members of the Supervisory Board were recently appointed. The Supervisory Board is the employer of the Executive Board and is tasked with supervising the Board's policy. This expands the Supervisory Board to six members. The members have such a mix of experience, knowledge and expertise that it is able also assess the various parts of the Executive Board's policy and to advise it on financial, managerial, community, social, legal and other common issues.

When recruiting candidate members, the aim is to achieve a spread in age, gender and cultural diversity with a balanced distribution in terms of origin from the arts and culture sector, higher education, the business community and the public sector. The Board is composed in such a way that its members can operate independently and critically with respect to each other, the Executive Board and any particular interest.

Gerard van Assem joins the Supervisory Board with finance, ICT and risk management as his portfolio. With a background as a consultant focused on strategic and organisational issues, he is currently working as general director of Radboud University. In that position, he is responsible for strategic advice and the entire central support of the university in Nijmegen. Gerard van Assem will be a member of the Supervisory Board's audit committee, among other things. This committee supervises the policy on finances. This includes supervision of internal risk and control systems, compliance with laws and regulations, information security and contact with and supervision of the controller and the external auditor. His first appointment term of four years as a member of our Supervisory Board took effect on 31 March.

Gerard van Assem: "The rich history and top level of the Academy and Conservatoire are impressive. For me it is a great honour to be able to contribute to that. Finally I will be working in the world in which I once wanted to start my career."

Samuel Wuersten succeeds Anneke Hogenstijn, who will step down as the member with the music and dance portfolio in early July after two terms of appointment. Originally trained as a dancer, Samuel Wuersten has developed into a choreographer and much sought-after teacher, advisor and jury member. He is general and artistic director of the Holland Dance Festival in The Hague and director of the undergraduate and graduate dance programme at the Hochschule der Künste in Zurich. For twenty years, he was associated with Codarts Rotterdam, as director of the dance programmes and as a member of the Executive Board. His four-year appointment term as a member of our Supervisory Board took effect on 26 May this year. Samuel Wuersten will be a member of the Supervisory Board’s education committee, among other things.

Samuel Wuersten: "Arts education - and the path towards it - are the foundation of the arts. In its realisation, it is a complex and challenging but at the same time infinitely inspiring process, which is very dear to me. Arts education deserves all imaginable attention and support. I am very honoured to be able to contribute as a member of the Supervisory Board to the further development of this wonderful University of the Arts in The Hague."

Supervisory Board president Susana Menéndez welcomes both new members as valuable and knowledgeable additions to the qualities of the current supervisors: "We are very pleased that with the new appointments the Supervisory Board is at full strength so that we can continue our work for this wonderful university of the arts in a strong way. With Gerard Van Assem we have a supervisor of stature with extensive experience in higher education and business and with a passion for the arts. Samuel Wuersten has earned his spurs in arts education and dance, where he continues to play a very prominent role. Also his commitment and expertise will certainly strengthen our supervisory board. Samuel succeeds Anneke Hogenstijn, who will leave the Supervisory Board after two terms. Anneke filled the Music/Dance portfolio these years and was also invaluable to the institution as a member of the remuneration committee. Committed, knowledgeable and businesslike, Anneke fulfilled her role with verve even in the more complex times of the recent past. We will miss her and we wish her every success in her next steps."

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