Next_Generation 8.0

Students of the Royal Conservatoire The Hague joined teacher Kees Tazelaar to Karlsruhe for Next_Generation 8.0, the largest biennial meeting of university studios for electronic music, located in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy and of course the Netherlands. This summer the festival took place in Karlsruhe, Germany. For five days, the festival sets up a diversity of workshops, lectures, installations, discussions and concerts where students and visitors can meet, exchange ideas and learn. During the festival there were presentations of a variety of multichannel fixed media compositions, a live performance, and audiovisual pieces; with equally multifaceted formats: composition, programming, cassette players and modular synthesizers.

Next_Generation 8.0 is a platform for young composers, musicians, programmers and media artists to present their works under the exceptionally good circumstances at ZKM Institute.

Students about Next_Generation 8.0:

''Unlike two years ago, when we mostly brought collective works, we now shared exclusively individual works, reflecting more closely our individual fields of research, paths, and interests. The whole journey, including the 16-hour drive in one single car shared by six persons, in perfect harmony, reflects how much this group has been consolidated throughout the years at the Royal Conservatoire. Being in Karlsruhe was an occasion to renew our mutual support, to debate and most of all: to have a lot of fun. We would like to warmly thank Kees Tazelaar for his invitation and support, as well as for the great time we had together in Germany.''