Ami Shamir: Public Workshop and private osteopathic treatments at KC

Osteopath Ami Shamir uses medical knowledge and manual therapy for the prevention and treatment of physical injuries and mental problems related to performing and rehearsals. He also shows performers how they can produce the best sound.

In his Public Workshop on Saturday 21 March 2020 students can perform and will be given individual instruction, treatment and explanation based on their own physiology, anatomy and biomechanics. The musical results are clear and the knowledge that is passed on is simple and can be put to direct use at home or in the practice room.

Private treatments:
A private osteopathic treatment ( 60 minutes) includes a diagnosis according to one's complaints and medical history.
The treatment aims to cure and relieve physical and mental obstacles
To register a private treatment, please call Rita Dams on telephone number: 070-3222182 from Saturday the 8th of February from 15.00.

If the line is busy, just keep on trying! The earlier you call the more chance you have to book your sessions.

Private osteopath treatment of 1 hour: KC students € 55 - KC teachers and others € 65
Public Workshop: free

For questions please send an email to: Rita Dams