Peter Pabon

Teacher Sonology: DSP

Peter Pabon (*1956) studied biochemistry, signal processing and sonology at Utrecht University. His professional career started in 1983 as a part-time researcher on a project called Objective  Recording of Voice Quality with Professor Plomp at VU University in Amsterdam, and he worked at Utrecht University as a teacher/researcher on (singing) voice analysis and speech and music acoustics from 1983 until 2011.

He initiated a project for singing voice synthesis and analysis at the Royal Conservatoire that later resulted in a cooperative project with the singing department to monitor voice change as an effect of voice training. In 2002, he founded Voice Quality Systems, a company in which he develops the voice quality recording system Voice Profiler, which is nowadays in use at many clinical centres, conservatories and schools for professional voice training. Peter Pabon is currently writing a PhD thesis at KTH Stockholm, which has generated several papers  and presentations on Voice Range Profile (VRP) recording methodology and the effects of voice training.