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  3. How does it all work?


Martijn Padding, Head of the Composition Department

In 1967 composer/inventor/philosopher Dick Raaijmakers started at the Royal Conservatoire with a series of radical marathon concerts called 'Rehearings'. Unique concerts that attracted lots of attention and were an example for the experimental spirit of that time. Today, 54 years later, the festival still exists as one of the oldest for contemporary music in Holland as ‘Spring Festival’, still alive and provocative. In winter, we are going to leave the building where Jan Boerman, Dick Raaijmakers , Louis Andriessen and many other women and men rocked the bourgeois art-world with their premieres. We soon will move to a new spectacular building in the center of Den Haag. It feels we are closing a certain era and we are heading for a new world with new artistic and social challenges, and maybe new heroines and heroes.

This year the Spring Festival is completely online. We programmed 35 pieces for you. A mixture of independent student pieces, some results of group projects like the collaboration with the Royal Academy of Arts and a collaboration with the Royal Conservatoire guitar department. And in between all those colourful and diverse works three special programs:

  • On the opening night 27 May the ‘Janssen-Wagenaar Express’. A program around two iconic Dutch composers and Royal Conservatoire teachers, true legends, Guus Janssen en Diderik Wagenaar. A full evening with merely piano works in collaboration with the KC piano department. Solo pieces and duets all coached by Ellen Corver and Gerard Bouwhuis who will perform as a duo themselves as well.
  • Second night 28 May: Ensemble MAZE in concert. An evening with 6 new student pieces performed by Maze, an ensemble specialized in interdisciplinary, and improv work whose members are leading improv musicians from Holland.
  • Third night 29 May: Soundscape is a collaboration between the Royal Academy of Arts (KABK) and the Royal Conservatory of The Hague (KC).

Some composers will introduce their works in their own specific way to you in short video messages. I wish you all a wonderful and disturbing Spring Festival and hope to welcome you next year after Corona in our new amazing building!


The Headline programmes and Side Programmes for The Spring festival 2021 will be available through the Royal Conservatoire Youtube Channel ánd Spatial Chat (more info below).

How does it all work?

In Spatial Chat (an online platform where you can talk to others in a virtual bar and concert hall kind setting) you will be able to meet up with others before, during and after the concerts published above.

The above concerts will also be streamed (parallel) in Spatial Chat in the virtual 'Louis Andriessen Hall' (headline programme), 'Jan Boerman Auditory' and 'Dick Raaijmakers Studio' (side programmes).

Before, during and after the Spring Festival Programme there are also three virtual bars open in Spatial chat for you to engage with others.

In Spatial Chat - due to technical restrictions - we can receive 50 visitors per space. For example, 50 people in the 'Jan Boerman Auditory' at one time, together with 50 other people in the 'Dick Raaijmakers Studio' at one time. With the virtual bars included Spatial Chat will offer 6 rooms for you to engage in total. And of course you can still choose to follow the premieres on our Youtube channel (check the programme links above) and interact there through chat.

When entering via the Spatial Chat URL, please allow the usage of your mic and video, in case your internet browser asks you permission via a pop-up. You will be asked to write your name and optionally a bit about your background, before entering the online space.