Students and employees of the University of the Arts The Hague may upload videos on Microsoft Stream. Only upload videos that you made or that you are authorized to use. You must own the copyright to your video or hold permissions from the copyright holders.

By default; uploaded videos are not visible to the whole organization. You can set permissions for persons or (Team) groups to keep the access limited. If permission level is set to company-wide everybody of the University of the Arts The Hague is able to see your uploaded video (including recorded meetings in Teams). Giving access to Stream videos outside of the organization is not yet possible.

Uploading video recordings of minors is only permitted with prior written consent of the minor's parents or caretakers

If you believe your copyright-protected work was posted on MS Stream without authorization, you can send an e-mail message to:

For privacy related issues, please contact the privacy office at:

Also see: privacy policy

University of the Arts The Hague expressly disclaims all liability for damages in any way resulting from or in connection with the use of videos on Microsoft Stream.