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About the Royal Conservatoire
The Royal Conservatoire in The Hague is an internationally renowned institute for education in music and dance. Studying at the Royal Conservatoire means studying at the oldest Conservatoire in the Netherlands with a high commitment to excellence, where internationally renowned musicians and dancers teach, and where tradition and craftsmanship are intertwined with experiment and innovation. The Royal Conservatoire is a centre for education, research, and production: this powerful triangle is the DNA of the institute. The Conservatoire has a strong focus on internationalisation, which is not only demonstrated by a high number of international students and teachers, but also by many international partnerships, various European projects for curriculum development and recognition gained through international accreditations.

Working at the Royal Conservatoire
If you are interested in possible future opportunities at the Royal Conservatoire, please check back on this website and follow us on Linkedin.


Lex van den Broek

Lex van den Broek is our Head of the Electronics Workshop (EWP) and an alumnus. Read here why he still enjoys working for us...and this already for over 20 years!