The Royal Conservatoire has an outstanding national and international reputation as a leading institute where education, research and production are organically intertwined. We take great care to carefully monitor the relationship between the curriculum and the discipline and its relationship to the various aspects of professional practice. We constantly ask ourselves whether the curricula and the facilities still meet the demands imposed by the government and by ourselves and to what extent they respond to the wishes of the profession.

In order to consolidate and further strengthen our national and international reputation as a top-quality institute in the coming years we will continue to make systematic and structural efforts to improve out standards. That process includes conducting regular surveys of students and staff and holding personal interviews with individuals and groups within the school and with international figures connected with the school. By actively arranging this feedback we will be able to further improve the quality of our education.

All of the programmes at the Royal Conservatoire have been rated as good or very good by the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO). The NVAO’s decisions and its reports for each programme can be found under Accreditation.

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More information?

Please contact Janneke Ravenhorst, Quality Culture Office.