The Royal Conservatoire of The Hague publishes exceptional concerts and session recordings through the label 'Royal Conservatoire Recordings'.

It functions as a springboard for talent and a way to connect education with professional practice. Audio recordings and state of the art video productions produced by the Royal Conservatoire will find their way to online video and audio platforms, radio and television.

Students and alumni are stimulated to deliver a tangible result that can compete with productions published by the music industry.

For students, collaboration with the label is an extension of their preparation for professional practice, which is an important part of our curriculum.

Video and audio, whether or not connected, tell the story of a project or recording session at the Royal Conservatoire. Royal Conservatoire Recordings distinguishes itself from regular labels and production houses by not necessarily producing a complete album, but for example highlighting parts of a production. There is no single fixed format or platform where the productions appear. We aim to create a wide range of music productions on streaming platforms, video platforms, radio and television. The recordings are of excellent quality and on par with existing and new releases of commercial labels and platforms.

We do not aim for a competitive position next to commercial parties, which does not suit the educational nature of our institute.

News - Disco table on NTR Radio 4
Sunday 8 March the recording of the Viola concerto by Henk Badings was discussed in the Dutch National Radio program Diskotabel. A panel consisting of music journalist Frederike Berntsen, conductor Jurjen Hempel and pianist Camiel Boomsma listened to the recording and expressed their opinions, without any information on forehand. Some of the responses:

  • "I think it's great that a Dutch school does this. We are often not proud enough of our Dutch talent."
  • "By taking such a risk they feed an important climate. A climate of experiment. We really need more of that in the Netherlands."
  • "If this sets the tone for what is to come, then the Royal Conservatoire is doing an amazing job."

You can listen to the entire clip on the Radio 4 website.

News - Label launch during Side by Side March 6
The launch of the label will be connected to the premiere of Side by Side on Friday evening March 6. The Orchestra of the Eighteenth Century then plays side by side with students of Early Music from the Royal Conservatoire performing Haydn and Mozart. During this premiere, the recording of Side by Side (2019 edition) will be symbolically offered to Teunis van der Zwart, the new head of the Early Music Department, gifted horn player and member of the Orchestra of the Eighteenth Century. From that moment on different recordings will be made available in the months that follow, including:

  • Viola concerto (Henk Badings) performed by the Orchestra of the Royal Conservatoire conducted by Jac van Steen, with soloist Elisa Karen Tavenier;
  • Stravinsky String Quartet by the Babylon Quartet;
  • Opposite Pieces by Martijn Padding, performed by Coraline Groen and Robbrecht van Cauwenberghe;
  • Video recordings of the master class that John Adams (winner of the Erasmus Prize) gave to composition students of the Royal Conservatoire in the fall of 2019.

More information about the label can be obtained via Daan van Aalst (Art of Sound):