Research Results

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Research brings new insights and incites many changes and improvements. Therefore, the Royal Conservatoire does not only implement the results of research projects in the curriculum, but also wants to share them with a wider audience. The research results of all projects within the Conservatoire, whether by students or staff, can be found on the RC Research Portal, which is part of the Research Catalogue.

The Research Catalogue is an online, multi medial database in which research projects can be presented in a completely free format. This allows researchers to make sound and image an integral part of the presentation. This goes hand in hand with our vision on artistic research, in which the artistic material is equal to written material. The Royal Conservatoire uses the Research Catalogue for archiving and disseminating research results.

The lectorate 'Music, Education and Society' of the KC has a separate overview page on the Research Catalogue, where information about and links to the research results of the lectorate can be found.

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