The students of the Royal Conservatoire are keen to gain professional stage experience while they are studying. In addition to the many projects they take part in as part of the regular curriculum, students are also invited to appear at galas, receptions, events, meetings or parties organised by companies, institutions or private individuals. The Career Development Office can help to arrange the appropriate musical accompaniment for your event − soloists, combos or ensembles and jazz, classical or early music.

If you would like to know more about hiring musicians from the Royal Conservatoire, contact the staff of the External Bookings Office who will be happy to help you to find the right entourage for your event and will be able to give you a quote.



Email the External Bookings Office


Call the External Bookings Office at +3170-3151525.


"I was delighted that it was possible to hire the trio with the flute! I told the contact person that and she was also pleased! The trio was a great success during the opening! The music was a little sad to start with, but they started playing more cheerful music later. It was very appropriate to the theme of the exhibition; many thanks for that!"

“The gala dinner was a huge success. The members of the jazz trio played well, were very pleasant and made a perfect addition to the evening.”

"Sincere thanks for the speed with which you were able to arrange the music. They played excellently for us."

"Once again I would like to thank you sincerely for your efforts in finding musicians for the New Year’s reception. [Your students] provided beautiful music and added an extra dimension to the reception. The guests were very enthusiastic."

“The long-anticipated 17th of March was quite a while ago now but I don’t want to miss this chance to thank you again for your mediation and, through you, compliment the jazz trio on their performance. Although they played in the background at the buffet, they certainly sounded good and appealing... A repeat performance is certainly a possibility.”