The Royal Conservatoire attaches great importance to promoting the research capabilities of the students and the performance of research geared to professional practice. The research groups play a key role in that regard. Under the guidance of the lectors, the teachers and students carry out research projects in association with external partners designed to contribute to modernisation of professional practice and the quality of music education within the Conservatoire and in general.

The Royal Conservatoire has two research groups: ‘Research in the Arts’ chaired by Professor Henk Borgdorff and ‘Music, Education & Society’ chaired by Professor Paul Craenen. Both research groups reinforce the Royal Conservatoire’s position as an international centre of expertise.

The practice-oriented research conducted by the research groups is performed by teachers and by students in the Bachelor, Master and PhD programmes. The curriculum for both the Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes contain a strong research component designed to prepare students for the challenges of contemporary professional practice and leads, for some students, to participation in a PhD programme. By taking part in the projects organised by the research groups or conducting research for a PhD, the teachers also contribute to the research culture within the Royal Conservatoire, while at the same time encouraging students to adopt an inquisitive attitude.

The results of the research carried out by the research groups are circulated at lectures and symposia organised by the Royal Conservatoire itself and at international conferences at which the teachers and lectors are frequently invited to speak. The results of research conducted by teachers and students are published in the Research Catalogue, an online database of artistic research. Links to the studies available in the database can be found under ‘Publications’.