On the ground floor the ‘Danstheater' is located, which fulfils the function of a theatre hall. The hall feels warm because of the gold-coloured chairs. A modern colour choice. The large balcony makes the room feel intimate. Even though there is room for up to 1300 visitors.


The largest hall in Amare is located on the second floor and is called the ‘Concertzaal’. Visitors can listen to a concert at various spots within the hall. Seats are located in front of the stage, as well as around and even behind the stage. The hall has two floors with balconies, which are built around the entire space. Moreover, the room has a dynamic aspect. For standing pop concerts, the seats can be removed from the ground floor, so that the pop stage can be enlarged. Mobile bars are wheeled into the venue so that visitors can get drinks during the concert. The Concert Hall is also ideal for conferences and presentations.


The ‘Conservatoriumzaal’ is located on the fourth floor and is the hall of the Royal Conservatoire. About 300 concerts and performances take place every year, including auditions, exams and concerts by the various study programmes. Many of the performances are public and free to attend. As diverse as the Royal Conservatoire, the new hall for the Royal Conservatoire is just as multifunctional. The atmosphere of the room is rough and unpolished: oak parquet, wall cladding of wooden acoustic strips and stucco with concrete.

The hall has a flat theater floor and is suitable for about 400 visitors with a retractable seating arrangement, making most conceivable set-ups possible. The acoustics can be adjusted for all disciplines; from an acoustic piano recital to concerts with complex speaker setups. The variable acoustics and stage layout, supplemented by a high-quality audiovisual installation and modern lighting options, make the Conservatoriumzaal a unique stage.

Amare Studio

The ‘Amare Studio’ is the rehearsal room of the Residentie Orkest. A room with a pleasant ambiance thanks to the beautiful skylight, which allows daylight to pour into the room. When there is no rehearsal, the hall is available for concerts, lectures or other events.

NDT Black box

The name ‘NDT Black box’ sounds mysterious and that is intentional. This room is the rehearsal room of Nederlands Dans Theater. The dancers can rehearse behind closed doors and windows. The space is closed almost all year round, so not accessible to the public. However, between the cloakroom area and NDT Black Box is a window, where you can spot the dancers during their rehearsals. Small performances are also offered in this hall several times a year.