Midsummer Evening Concert

For many years, Rhijnhof cemetery has organised a Midsummer evening concert in collaboration with the Royal Conservatoire. Composition students perform new works at a place of their choice in the cemetery.

There are many sources of inspiration for young composers at Rhijnhof. Six months before the longest day, in the middle of winter, they spend a few hours in the cemetery. They choose a place where they want to perform their composition. One person is captivated by the canopy of a large tree, another chooses the bank of one of the ponds, or a performance near the urn wall. Each year the result is a surprise.

During the preparation, the students discuss the nature of a cemetery. It is a place where the deceased are buried and find a final resting place. Where the ashes of cremated loved ones are kept. Where relatives find comfort and reminisce. Where respect is paid to those who have left us. Rhijnhof is also part of an old estate and park where walkers can enjoy the flora and fauna. The chirping of birds, the buzzing of insects, the rustling of leaves. What do you emphasise as a composer?

Everyone is welcome to the Midsummer evening concert at the Rhijnhof. There will be a reception in the coffee room of Rhijnhof Crematorium from 19.00. The first performance starts there at 19.30. Visitors will then be taken on a tour of the cemetery, past a number of mini-concerts where also the eye will be pleasantly surprised.

The Midsummer evening concert is a collaboration between the Rhijnhof Cemetery Management Foundation, Rhijnhof Dela Crematorium and the Royal Conservatoire The Hague.



Fri 21 June 2024 19.30


Rhijnhof, Laan te Rhijnhof 4, Leiden

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Admission is free

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reception from 19.00 hours in the coffee room of the Rhijnhof Crematorium