AMARE: Our new home

10 October 2019

At last we can reveal it: the name of The Hague’s new education and culture complex on Spui is Amare.

The official announcement was made October 10th at a special ceremony, where the choir of Kwekers in de Kunst and percussionists and wind players of the Royal Conservatoire made a surprise appearance for a performance with a spin on the name. Amare will truly be ‘A Home for Everyone in The Hague’. A centre for performing arts, creative development and an outstanding programme with national and international artists, but also for conferences and other events. A place where everyone is welcome to attend a play or a concert, follow classes, watch rehearsals, visit a conference or just meet friends for a cup of coffee. Together, Amare and the other cultural centres on Spui will form the heart and soul of cultural life in The Hague. Amare will open its door to the public in September 2021.

Henk Scholten, director of the Dance and Music Centre/Zuiderstrandtheater explains the origin of the name: “Italian architecture was an important source of inspiration for the architects. ‘Mare’ naturally refers to The Hague’s location by the sea. And Amare reflects the ambition that the complex will become a cherished home, not just for the four institutions residing in it, but more importantly for all of the city’s inhabitants.”

Now that the name of the complex is known, we look forward to creating a real identity for our new home with the other future occupants of Amare. After all, a home is not really a home until it genuinely feels like home!

Take a sneak peak at and learn about this special building.