First impressions of Amare

On Monday the 17th of January Amare opened her doors to the students, teachers and staff of the Royal Conservatoire. What do they think of their new building? We met them in the walkways, and spoke to them about their first impressions.

Henk van der Meulen

Henk, Director:
'Today is a really special day for me. Almost the entire day, I am standing at the reception to welcome everybody and see people coming in. When I am walking through the corridors and I see someone making music in every room, I think: ‘Yes this is what it was all about.’ I am very happy that everybody is putting our new home into use.'

Tim in Amare

Tim, Bachelor 4 Trumpet:
'I got here at 8 in the morning. I walked down every floor and I have to say I don't yet have a sense of how the entire building works, but it'll come. The new rooms are really chill. They are quite spacious and for studying it is really nice that the rooms have dry acoustics, you can hear exactly what you are doing.'

Martijn in Amare

Martijn, Head of the Composition department:
'I really like this building, it has something labyrinthic and museum-like. It gives a boost, I think it will generate a lot of creativity.'

Anna Marieke in Amare

Anna Marieke, Master 2 Oboe:
'First, I didn’t understand where to put my bike and which entrance I had to take. But I figured that out. I really like all the spaces. During my lesson, I looked through a window and saw a very cute sitting area. I am very excited to explore this building.'

Sung Jea Oh, Bachelor 3 Jazz Guitar:
'The building is really nice. The cafeteria is really nice also. It is great about this building that there are a lot of tables where I can have a rest, or just sit and play a bit.'