Exams: Carlotta's baroque harp exam with teacher Christina Pluhar

Carlotta Pupulin 1st master exam in baroque harp

Carlotta studies the baroque harp with Christina Pluhar at the Royal Conservatoire. She came all the way from Milano to study with Christina. It’s the first time that I am so far away from home, Carlotta says. But I learned so much from Christina here in The Hague and it is absolutely worth it.

Carlotta began studying the harp at the age of four and previously studied at the Turin Conservatory where she attended classes with Gabriella Bosio and then moved to the Milan Conservatory under the guidance of Professor Patrizia Radici. She took part in numerous masterclasses with world-famous harpists (Letizia Belmondo, Lincoln Almada, Catherine Michel, Fabrice Pierre).

Working with Christina is very intense, Carlotta told us. Christina is not only an expert in early music harp but also a very successful musician. She founded the enseble L’Arpeggiata in Paris and regularly wins prices for their acclaimed recordings such as Echo Klassik Preis (Germany) and the Edison Price (The Netherlands). She also tours Europe with her ensemble and therefore has a very busy schedule.

She usually sees Christina for two days per month where they play for 8-10 hours. You need quite an endurance to play on such a high level for an entire day. Carlotta then needs 2 days to recover and reflect. After that, she begins to prepare next month’s session. But the hard work pays off. She played her exam of 60 minutes highly concentrated and without intermissions. 3 of the 7 pieces were accompanied by a vocalist. It was her first Master exam on the baroque harp. We will surely hear more of Carlotta in the future. Keep up the good work.