Meet Talent: Laura

16 July 2020

Last Tuesday, we concluded the school year with a festive gala for our friend’s and benefactor’s circle. One of the musicians on stage was our Classical Music Master Violin student Laura. In our new column ‘Meet Talent’ we will introduce the bright violinist from Cuba who is also a Fund For Excellence scholar.

Laura comes from a small city of Mantanzas on Cuba. During her Bachelor studies in Havana, Laura started dreaming of studying in Europe to widen her horizon on the violin. Little did she know that only one year later, she would stand in the Kees van Baarenzaal and play in a masterclass for the world-famous Baiba Skride, who is often named as one of the greatest violinists of our time.

Everything started with Laura emailing her friend Abel Rodríguez García, who was the only Cuban violinist she knew in Europe. Abel had just moved from Spain to The Hague to start his Master’s studies and brought Laura in touch with Main Subject Teacher Classical Music Violin Ilona Sie Dhian Ho. Laura and Ilona had an immediate connection: ‘I love about Ilona that she is well-organised and pays attention to all the details such as technique. She really takes the time for all of her students and isn’t just interested in me playing perfectly, she also deeply cares about me as a person.’

Through Abel, who was also a Fund For Excellence scholar during his studies, she learned about the scholarship opportunity. Laura received a 10 in her entrance exam and therefore qualified for the FFE. ‘At first, I couldn’t believe that the FFE really chose me. This scholarship means everything to me. Not only did my dream of studying in Europe came true. I found so much more here at the Royal Conservatoire. There are so many opportunities the school offers its students.’ The second year of her Master’s studies will be made possible by the Keep an Eye Foundation. Laura especially appreciates the KonCon community feel: ‘You are surrounded by good people and everyone is looking out for you!’

As a master specialisation, Laura chose for the Orchestra Master in cooperation with the Residentie Orkest. She already played in two concerts with them, once in the second and once even in the first violin section. In the meantime, Abel became a permanent member of the Residentie Orkest, and we are sure that one day, we will see the highly-talented Laura play in one of the big orchestras of the country as well.