Orchestra Master Student David Perez plays a ‘Song for Health’

2 May 2020

Today, David plays a ‘Song for Health’ by Steven Verhelst for us. The Belgium composer Steven Verhelst wrote this song as a reaction to the Covid-19 pandemic. He began the movement Music doesn’t stop to thank all the public service and health care workers around the world for their hard and selfless work in these difficult times.David studies Classical Music Trumpet at the Royal Conservatoire with the Masterspecialisation Orchestra Master in cooperation with the Residentie Orkest. In this unique programme, the students get the opportunity to play in a professional orchestra and tour around the country for one year and in exchange, the Residentie Orkest covers the student’s tuitions fees. The hands-on experience helps the students to enter the professional world after their studies. Most alumni quickly find a job at an orchestra after finishing their studies.But at the moment, all concerts are cancelled and the concert halls remain empty. To cheer us all up and put a smile on our faces, David decided to record the ‘Song for Health’. David who is a very humble and kind person, normally does not seek to be the centre of attention. However, for his young age, he already achieved a lot. After finishing a Bachelor and Master programme in Granada, he came to the Netherlands to deepen his studies during a second Master and the Orchestra Masterspecialisation. He was able to build up a professional network in The Netherlands and played in numerous professional orchestras; a.o. the Het Ballet Orkest, Resident Orkest and Holland Orkest Combinatie. Additionally, David plays in national competitions in Spain where he won the first and second prize. He also teaches at conservatoria in Spain and played in a couple of professional recordings. David has a promising future ahead of him and we hope to hear him perform on the big stages soon again. But for now, we enjoy this little music video. David’s wish for us: ‘Stay healthy everyone and stay save’.