'My dream is to be a dancer with the Dutch National Ballet.’ ‘And my dream is to become a very famous prima ballerina and to spend my entire life dancing, even when I am a grandmother.’ Thomas and Olivia are students in the Dance department and are in Group 7 of the School for Young Talent.

Thomas learnt about the Dance department during a Boy’s Day. ‘That is an annual event when young boys who enjoy dancing have a chance to meet one another and learn about the Royal Conservatoire. I was pretty nervous when I walked in, but by the end of the day I was telling my mother how free I felt there.’ Olivia attended the Pupil’s Day and enjoyed it so much that she did an audition. ‘That audition was a little daunting.’

Thomas’ role model is Floor Eimers, a soloist with the Dutch National Ballet. ‘Because she is such a good dancer and because her career started at this school.’ Olivia and Thomas greatly enjoy studying in the Dance department and the School for Young Talent and think their teachers are really good. They like being in classes with music students. ‘We dance to the music they play.’

Dancing means a great deal to these young dancers. ‘Dancing means freedom and showing your emotions, and it is fun’, Thomas says. Olivia adds: ‘I’m always happy when I’m dancing.’

Photographer: Marijn Smulders (alumnus KABK)

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