Programme - Piano Evening

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  1. Diderik Wagenaar: “Zeg het met bloemen” (“Say it with flowers”) (1978) Inês Lopes
  2. Introduction - Martijn Padding
  3. Guus Janssen: Walden Pond with passing train (2012) Rutger Jansen
  4. Introduction – Diderik Wagenaar
  5. Diderik Wagenaar “Fiorellini musicali “ (“Musical flowers”) (2021)
    Zwarte Lelie (Black lily) Sam Sandfort
    Rode Anemonen (Red anemones) Inês Lopes
    Goudsbloemen (Marigolds) André Teixeira
    Narcissen (Daffodils) Carlota Carvalho
    Helleborus (Hellebores) Bob Marsdon
    Korenbloemen (Corn flowers) Špela Pušnik
    Maartse viooltjes (Violets) Rui Braga Simões
    Fluitekruid (Cow Parsely) Joel Gester
  6. Introduction – Guus Janssen
  7. Guus Janssen: Elf Standpunten van het Kinselmeer (Eleven view points on Lake Kinsel) (2013-2020)
    Straffe wind (Stiff wind) Rui Braga Simões
    Stapelwolk (Cumulus) Rui Braga Simões
    Horizon (Horizon) Rui Braga Simões
    Aanhoudende regen (Persistent rain) Carlota Carvalho
    De grutto en een vlucht ganzen (The godwit and a flock of birds) Inês Lopes
    Avondzon (Evening sun) Sam Sandfort
    Verticaal (Vertical) Joel Gester
    Loodzwart (Blacklead) Joel Gester
    Windstil (Windless) Špela Pušnik
    Zomerdag (Summerday) André Teixeira
    Stadsruis in de verte (City noise in the distance) Bob Marsdon
  8. Diderik Wagenaar: “Stadium” (“Stage”) (1981) Carlos Castro van der Elst & Laura Balicov
  9. Guus Janssen: ‘Veranderingen voor 2 piano’s’ (1990) Ellen Corver & Gerard Bouwhuis
  10. Diderik Wagenaar: “Catena” (“Chain”) from “Libro di melodie” (2006) Gerard Bouwhuis
  11. Guus Janssen: ‘Scarlatti Mix’ (2008) Alessandra di Gennaro & Petra Cini
  12. Interview Ellen Corver en Gerard Bouwhuis


“Zeg het met bloemen” (“Say it with flowers”) was written in 1978 on request of Gilius van Bergeijk for his small barrel organ. Later I made this version for toy piano.

“Stadium” (“Stage”) I wrote in 1981 for Gerard Bouwhuis and Cees van Zeeland. The rhytmic structures of popular music from Cameroun have served as an example for the pulsating sonorities. Slow melodic lines emerge from a surface of bell-like sounds.

“Catena” (“Chain”) is the third movement of the “Libro di melodie” (2006), written for Francien Hommes. The memory of the dazzling and enchanting virtuosity of John Coltrane - whom I heard in concert in Amsterdam in 1963 - has given me the inspiration for this etude-like piece.

The “Fiorellini musicali “ (“Musical flowers”) (2021) are eight miniatures arranged according to the colors of the rainbow. The titles are Black lilys, Red anemones, Marigold, Daffodils, Hellebores, Corn flowers, Violets and Cow parsley. Color characters are replaced by musical characters: Choral, Canzonetta, Duetto, Perpetual motion, Dance, Arietta, Passacaglia and Toccata.

During the Violets we hear a quotation from G.Frescobaldi’s “Fiori Musicali”(1635).


‘Eleven view points on Lake Kinsel’ (2013-2020) is a piano cycle evocating 11 horizons with titles such as ‘Stiff wind’, ‘Cumulus’ or ‘City rumble in the distance’. The piece is inspired by the work with the same name by the artist Ger van Elk.

‘Veranderingen voor 2 piano’s’ (1990). When something changes something stays the same. The piece consists of nine variations without theme, in each variation there is a ‘dominant’ and a ‘subdominant’ moment each time heard from a different angle.

One could compare the variations to people who all have the same limbs but look different: serious (variation 2), fat (3), capricious (4) or funny (5).

‘Walden Pond with passing train’ (2012) is inspired by Henry David Thoreau’s stay in his self-built cabin in the woods near Concord around 1850, where a train would pass once a day and greet him with a honk.

‘Scarlatti Mix’ is a steep wall race, starting with a catalogue of Scarlatti-chords finishing with a complete sonata in which everything is played only once (as opposed to the usual two times in most music).

Guus Janssen