University of the Arts - General House rules

Shared responsibilities with the University of the Arts

Encouraging behaviour that supports the creation of a safe and engaging learning environment.

We work towards a healthy and safe environment:

  • We always follow safety instructions.
  • We make sure escape routes and doors are always free of clutter
  • Assistance dogs are the only animals allowed on the premises
  • Smoking is only allowed outside of the premises

We work responsibly and with respect towards fellow students, teachers, staff and the building:

  • We take care of our own and other one’s belongings. Theft is always reported
  • Damage is charged to the perpetrator
  • We use designated areas for our posters.
  • We use designated areas as bicycle parking.
  • We recycle our waste
  • We leave spaces in proper condition

Royal Conservatory

In addition to the points mentioned for the University of the Arts as a whole, these points are also relevant to KC:

Use of study rooms:

  • All rooms are only allowed to be used for curriculum related events.
  • Students and teachers use study rooms they have booked in Asimut.
  • We leave the studio’s and other rooms in the same state as we found them.
  • We leave music stands and chairs in the rooms and put them back in the designated spaces after we used them
  • We make sure to put material back in the room if we moved it out.

Use of instruments:

  • We do not put anything on grands, piano’s or other instruments except its cover.
  • We do not use extended techniques on any grand piano or any other instrument except the 3 that have been reserved for this
  • If there's a problem with an instrument, please send an e-mail to

Building in general:

  • Hallways are free unless exemptions have been defined
  • On the 5th and 6th floor posters for concerts or exams can be put on the elevator windows. All other windows and doors have to stay poster free.
  • If you notice something that is not functioning properly, please communicate about it.

In Amare we separate our waste. Everyone can use the waste bins in the hallways.

  • Green: swill
  • Orange: plastic/metal/drink karton
  • Grey: all the rest

Huisregels Amare