Questions and answers on applying and auditions

The entrance exams will still be held. We will personally contact applicants to inform them about the procedure, which will take place online in april 2021, but can differ from department to department. Any questions can be directed to the departments and Student Administration. Please check for the latest updates.

All information about passing the English language test can be found here.

On the website of the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND), you can find a special web page with Frequently Asked Questions.

You can find contact details of embasssies and consulates in the Netherlands on the website of the Dutch Ministry of Foreig Affairs.

The impact of Covid-19

The Royal Conservatoire and School for Young Talent Taskforce convenes on a regular basis to monitor and discuss newest developments and make new decisions if appropriate. This information will be made available through the website, where a specific Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) section is added.

Please check the below platforms for reliable information regarding the corona (COVID-19) virus:

All entrance exams at the beginning of april 2021 will be held online, check out the other FAQ's on this page.

If at the beginning of the first semester in 2021 current Covid-19 measures are still in place, students arriving from a region or country with a so called ‘yellow label’ must follow the education programme (offline and online) in The Hague. We are not able to offer an online only study programme to students in countries labelled as yellow.

Students traveling from a country or region marked as orange or red by the Dutch Foreign Ministry a 10 day quarantine period applies in most cases. There are exemptions though, so please check the current update of our Foreign Ministry through this link. Important, if you are not (yet) able to travel to The Netherlands or while arriving in The Netherlands need to go in to quarantine, contact your department to find a temporary solution for following classes.

Please check the current update of our Foreign Ministry through this link, on which countries and regions are marked as yellow, orange and red, and what the exemptions on quarantine are.