Giving substantial makes a difference. Thanks to support from patrons, talents can blossom at the Royal Conservatoire, for example by being able to study with a scholarship or learn from a special project. Via this video students would like to let you know that your support is of great value.

Scholarship in your name

You can give big as an individual or with your company in various ways. From €5,000 (per year, with a periodic donation of at least 5 years), you can make a difference to a talent who can receive a Scholarship in your Name.

Fund in your Name

From €50,000 (total, with an annual contribution starting at €10,000), it is possible to realise a Fund in Your Name.

Why contribute?

  1. Marvel and enjoy a unique programme full of music and dance
  2. Meet excellent students full of talent and ambition
  3. Create impact and help talent reach the world top
  4. Contribute to the development of the music and dance climate now and in the future
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Every donation matters

Every donation, big or small, recurring or one-time, helps young talent thrive.
You can transfer your donation at any time to NL61 ABNA 0877 6465 38 regarding Stichting Fonds Koninklijk Conservatorium.

Donate with a tax benefit

Your donation goes through Fonds Koninklijk Conservatorium, which holds an ANBI status. The donation is therefore exempt from gift and inheritance tax. This means that your donation is entirely for the benefit of our students. Moreover, your contribution to the fund is deductible from your taxable income and will therefore cost you less in netto terms than the amount you donate. t. Here you will find a calculation module where you can easily see the tax benefit you can get.

For further details regarding Fonds KC and it's ANBI status click here.

Have you been supporting Fund Royal Conservatoire for a long time, or are you planning to? Then you can benefit from tax advantages through a Periodic Donation Agreement. You then support Fund Royal Conservatoire for a period of at least five years with a fixed amount per year. These donations can then be fully tax deductible, regardless of the amount of your donation, thanks to the ANBI status.

E-mail us and we will gladly send you the agreement.

You can also download and fill in the form directly here.

Curious about the possibilities? Send us a message, we will be happy to get back to you.  

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Fundraising & Partnerships | +31 6163 164 45

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Fundraising & Partnerships
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