Would you like to look into the option of Contract Education, please send an email to the head of the department in question. He or she will connect you to a teacher who will then evaluate you in a lesson whether you are suited or not. When you are, you will close a contract with the head of the department for a fixed amount of lessons determined by yourself.

Contract Education Change
You can apply until February 28th 2023.

Departments with Contract Education:

Classical Music, Else van Ommen

Early Music, Johannes Boer

Vocal, Monica Damen

Jazz, Yvonne Smeets (interim)

Brass conducting Hafabra, Marloes Kouwenberg

Orchestra conducting, Marloes Kouwenberg

Choir conducting, Marloes Kouwenberg

Composition, Martijn Padding

Sonology, Kees Tazelaar

Art of Sound, Paul Jeukendrup

Non-EU/EEA students who are admitted to the programme they applied for need an entree visa and/or residence permit. You also need to make other practical arrangements before you come to the Netherlands and when you arrive here. Please check the website for international students coming to the Netherlands for all procedures, information and contact info.