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Welcome to the registration procedure for your course at the Royal Conservatoire. Every step of the registration procedure is described and explained below and all you have to do is complete each step in the process.

Clicking on the x will reveal additional information. When you have completed the first three (or four) steps, you will leave our website and move to Studielink. You will receive an e-mail from Studielink with a link to Osiris Online Application, which is part of our Student Administration System. You will upload all the requested documents to that page.

If you have any questions during the process, please contact the student administration office at

Also check the general admission requirements, these are applicable to all admissions.

Practicum Musicae Change
Applications for this programme are closed.

Start by collecting all the documents you will need to register for your entrance exam and your course.

  • a photocopy/scan of your passport/ID
  • a (scan of a) recent photo
  • CV (not mandatory)
  • the motivation form (see below)
  • Recordings
    Early Music: three pieces, of which one etude;
    Jazz: standards;
    Vocal: three pieces, different languages and styles;
    Classical Music: three pieces from different periods, of which one etude;
    Composition: three audio recordings.
  • Only for Composition applicants: three of your own scores.

We would like you to perform and record a number of works of your own choice. The total length of the recording should not exceeed 20 minutes. Enclose a list of repertoire with an explanation of why you chose to perform those pieces. Select one piece from the list that you particularly want the admission committee to hear and clearly explain the reasons for your choice.

The programme should be compiled in such a way as to optimally demonstrate your technical and musical qualities. The works in the recording should be different in style and tempo. Create a Word document with a list of all the links and the explanation of your choice of repertoire. You will upload the Word document at the appropriate question in Osiris Online Application later in the process.

Download the PDF to answer the questions in the form. Upload the motivation form to Osiris Online Application.

Motivation form

When you arrive at the Osiris Online Application website the first thing you have to do is select a language (Dutch or English). You then log on with the log-in details that were sent to you. Note: you should immediately change your password.

Go to Osiris

You have already collected all the documents you need during step 1 so you can now upload them all at once to Osiris.

When you have logged on to Osiris Online Application, answer the questions that appear. Some questions must be answered (or a document has to be uploaded) and they are marked with an asterisk. Other documents can be uploaded after you have been admitted to a course, but they must also be uploaded before you commence your studies.
If you are unable to upload all of the requested documents immediately, we will send you an occasional reminder.

Note: we can only arrange a date for your entrance exam when all the mandatory documents have been uploaded.

You can save your answers as you proceed. For your application for admission to become final you must not only save the questions in Osiris Online Application, but also click on ‘Send’.

The entrance exam for most of our Bachelor Programmes consist of a theoretical and a practical part. You have to submit your online theoretical test before March 1st .
The entrance exam for most of our Master Programmes consists of a practical exam and an oral discussion of your Master Project or Master Study Plan. In some programmes, the entrance exam consists of two rounds: an online pre-selection, and a live (or online in real-time) entrance exam.

Please note:

  • If you are auditioning for the Classical Music, Jazz or Vocal departments, you must choose between a live audition or an online audition in real-time. Click here for more information.
    Practical information about the online, real-time exam can be found here.
  • There is no pre-selection for the Department of Early Music, the recording (step 3) will serve as the entrance exam.

In order to qualify for an admission at the Royal Conservatoire, you have to pass all parts of your entrance exam. The entry requirements of your Main Subject can be found on the programme page of the programme you have chosen. Find all programmes here:

For more information regarding the dates and specifications of the entrance exams, please also check:

After the entrance exam

A couple of weeks after the entrance exam, we will send you your results. There are three categories: ‘Rejected’, ‘Eligible’ and ‘Accepted.

Eligible’ means that your level is sufficiently high to be admitted to the Royal Conservatoire, but that it is not yet certain whether we can actually offer you a spot due to a limited amount of spots in each programme.

Only candidates that have been ‘Accepted’ to the Royal Conservatoire have a guaranteed spot in the programme of their choice.

Non-EU/EEA students who are admitted to the programme they applied for need an entry visa and/or residence permit. You also need to make other practical arrangements before you come to the Netherlands and when you arrive here. Please check the website for international students coming to the Netherlands for all procedures, information and contact info.