The School for Young Talent is looking for new host families for the school year 2023/2024!

The School for Young Talent is linked to the University of the Arts The Hague and is a school for young, artistic talent with the passion and ambition to make dance, music or visual arts their profession later in life. From group 7 onwards, they can combine school with a preliminary phase art education. The bar is set high, because only those who pass the entrance exam are admitted to the School for Young Talent.

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science awarded the 'excellent school' quality mark again recently thanks to the highly involved teaching team that goes to great lengths to develop artistic talent, but of course also ensures that the children obtain their diplomas.

Need for host families
Pupils come from all over the Netherlands and abroad, so for some of them the travel distance is a burden or deal breaker. A host family near the Royal Conservatoire can be a good solution.

The School for Young Talent is therefore looking for new host families for the new school year 2023/2024!
We understand, of course, that with the ongoing corona-pandemic, there may be (additional) uncertainties when offering a place within your family. When considering participation and linking students, their parents and host parents, we work very carefully and always use the guidelines set by the Dutch government. We understand that when you declare your interest, you do not yet commit definitively. We get in touch personally (online) with sufficient time and opportunity to carefully go through and consider the next steps.

On behalf of the School for Young Talent, Sophie van der Steen maps out the supply and demand of host families and recruits new families if necessary. However, finding host families often proves challenging, so we ask that you consider providing a place for our young talents.

We use a few basic principles to find a "match":

  • The School for Young Talent selects new host families based on a number of general criteria. Sophie van der Steen will then connect parents and the host families for further arrangements. The School for Young Talent takes the wishes of both parties into account, but will also make her own considerations based on age, travel distance and other considerations.
  • Hosts and parents themselves determine the conditions on which they will cooperate. The School for Young Talent can support with sample agreements and sample calculations for a possible reimbursement. Parents and hosts are of course also free to use their own documents.
  • The school advises parents to at least request the host parents to submit a recent VOG statement before the child is admitted to the host family.
  • Parents and hosts can also make other or additional arrangements, in example about the reimbursement. We use a fee of € 250 per month as a guideline, but the agreement about a fee per night is also possible. Sophie van der Steen will at all times monitor the voluntary (non-commercial) nature of the compensation.
  • In the course of the year, parents and hosts may decide to stop working together. The School will then restart the search for a new host family if desired.

Hosts and parents make the final decision and take full responsibility working together. The school is not a formal or legal party between the two, and only takes on a supporting role.

The young talents who study at the School for Young Talent are winning (international) competitions. Check out some examples of their achievements.

Contact details
Sophie van der Steen

+31 (0) 70 315 1505