KLINK - A new composers magazine

23 September 2021

Two years ago, students of the composition department decided to start a magazine as a new and more in-depth platform to share information among students. Klink, as the magazine was named, was open for all composition students and teachers to send in submissions, but Klink also interviewed interesting composers about various subjects.

After a year they changed their format and made Klink into a website: Klinkcomposers.tk. This more flexible format created the possibility to also include music and podcasts.

Graduation issue
On top of the website, the redaction of Klink wanted to do something extra for the graduating students of 2021. They invited the students to interview each other and to send in articles/ artworks or other materials for a specially printed magazine for and by the graduated composition students.

You can read this magazine online here, but the printed version is also available in the library of the conservatory.