Caribbean delegation visiting

20 October 2023

On Wednesday, October 4, the third celebration of the Music Educators Agreement took place in Zwolle, for all teacher training colleges and conservatories in the Netherlands. Méér Muziek in de Klas organized the meeting and invited a Caribbean delegation from teacher training colleges for a session on exchange and expertise.

Music Educators Agreement
On October 7, 2020, all teacher training colleges and conservatories in the Netherlands signed the Music Educators Agreement, concluding a long-term collaboration of twelve years. The aim of the agreement is to ensure that future group and subject teachers can provide music education at primary school with motivation and good knowledge and skills; an important step towards music education for all children in the Netherlands and the Caribbean part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. This agreement is celebrated annually on the first Wednesday of October.

Caribbean delegation
Later that week, part of the Caribbean delegation visited The Hague. Guests at the Royal Conservatory were Adrienne Fernandes and Muriël Meyer from the LOFO (Teaching Fundamental Education Teacher Training) in Curaçao and Chris Kross from the IPA (Instuto Pedagogico Arubano) in Aruba. The latter also wanted to work as a guitarist with the Hague Teacher of Music Students. That day, Kross, together with Aruban percussionist Siegfried Hart, led two ensemble practical classes and a guitar workshop specially organized for the day. The students were introduced to Aruban grooves such as the 'Tumba' and the 'Danza'.

Suzan Overmeer, coordinator of the Music Teacher course, spoke with Fernandes and Meyer about music education there and here, the possibilities for collaboration, the challenges and the opportunities. Maike Kroese from More Music in the Classroom also agreed with this. "It was a great day. A Caribbean wind blew through the training! I love the reciprocity of this entire project: we learn so much from them and we can mean so much there,” says Suzan.