Film ProMiMic - Music in hospitals

11 July 2023

On Friday the 23rd of June, the symposium ProMiMiC (Professional Excellence in Meaningful Music in Healthcare) took place. It was a successful symposium with passionate support for the practice of live music and illuminating research results from the perspectives of the different stakeholders participating in the project, in particular musicians and nurses.

During the symposium the film RESPONS was shown for the first time. This short documentary follows 3 musicians on a day in a hospital. One learns what it is like to play for the patients and nurses and how the music affects them.

Watch it here:

Professional Excellence in Meaningful Music in Healthcare (ProMiMiC) is the research project (2019-2023) on person-centred music-making for hospital patients and their nurses. The research explores the interprofessional collaboration between musicians and nurses and how person-centred (live) music can be used as a catalyst for compassionate patient relationships. Education and professional development modules for musicians and healthcare professionals have been developed as well. The ProMiMiC consortium consists of music and hospital care partners from Groningen (with Hanzehogeschool as lead partner), The Hague, Vienna and London.