In memoriam Jan de Kruijff (1931-2022)

Jan de Kruijff, musicologist and music journalist, former teacher at the Art of Sound department (then Music Registration) passed away on 11 April at the age of 90.

Jan was involved in the Music Registration course from the very beginning and has taught many students in the subjects Reproduction Technique and Listening Practicum for 16 years. An expert both musically and technically, and blessed with an extraordinary eloquence, he managed to inspire and enthuse many. He knew better than anyone else how to find words for subjects for which there is no vocabulary; not infrequently these words originated in the master's brain. Many professionals in today's audio world have been brought up with the wise lessons of Jan de Kruijff. We will remember him with great gratitude and continue to honour him in our memory.

Paul Jeukendrup
Head of the Art of Sound Department

Photo: Groenstichting Rozendaal