Interview with Bart Suèr in Kunstzone

20 January 2023

Suzan Overmeer, the coördinator of our Music in Education department, speaks with Bart Suèr, the head of the jazz department, in an interview about the importance of imitation and inspiration for jazz students.

Kunstzone is a magazine for professionals in art- and music education who want to keep up with the developments in their work field. The theme of this issue is imitated or invented. This theme was also the starting point for the conversation between the two teachers.

'Students who study jazz have a curious attitude and are following their dream. Over and over again we are emphasizing that the thing they want to tell with their music, is the thing that counts. Imitating can be a part of that, but shouldn't be imposed into the standard repertoire.'

You can read the whole interview here (only in dutch).